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How to Add Dimensions Trophy Website Link to an html website


Create the text or image you want to use as a link. Links are created using a simple HTML tag when editing the code of your website. First, however, you should create the content that will be placed inside the tag. This can be text or an image, though the example used here is text.

Text: Dimensions Trophy

Copy and paste this below into your website where you want the link to show.

<a href="">Dimensions Trophy</a>

Only the text that is between the > < will show. The text that is blue will show. (This text will not show up blue on your website. It is only blue for explanation purposes. If you would like to add color to your text on your website, please click here for more detailed instructions.) or copy and paste this link into your website:

<a href=""><font color="blue">Dimensions Trophy</font></a>

Note: you can change the blue text to say Awards or Trophies or anything you would like it to say.

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